Addmotor Electric Trike

The Addmotor Electric Trike: A Perfect Choice for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Aging comes with its own set of mobility issues. Joint pain, reduced strength, and balance problems can make traditional bicycles or scooters impractical and even unsafe for many seniors.

Conversely, for individuals with disabilities, transportation challenges can be even more pronounced. This can lead to a decline in outdoor activities, social interaction, and overall well-being.

In that case, the need for reliable and accessible transportation is crucial that cater to these unique needs. 

That’s where Addmotor, a reputable brand in the electric trike bikes market, comes into play. Addmotor’s electric trikes are designed with the unique needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities in mind. 

Whether it’s the powerful motor, stability features, or ergonomic design, Addmotor consistently delivers on its promise of enhancing mobility and independence.

So, if you are in search of an electric trike for seniors or people with disabilities, here are the top Addmotor Electric Trike options that are the perfect choice for seniors and people with disabilities.

Addmotor ARISETAN II M-360: Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike

The Addmotor Arisetan M-360 is a remarkable electric trike designed with several key features that make it an excellent choice for seniors and individuals with disabilities: 

Tri-Wheel Design for Enhanced Stability: 

The combination of three wheels and a semi-recumbent style provides this fat tire etrike superior stability over traditional bicycles. This means you can smoothly navigate bumpy paths and enjoy leisurely rides along the beach, all while staying comfortable for an even longer riding time.

Powerful Motor and Long-Lasting Battery:

Equipped with a robust Bafang 750W rear-mounted hub motor, the Arisetan M-360 provides ample power and a top speed of 20 Mph. This helps you to climb hills and have quick acceleration, a smooth and efficient ride.

Besides, its high-capacity 48V * 20AH Samsung cell battery ensures an extended range of up to 85 miles, allowing you to travel longer distances without worrying about frequent recharging.

Advanced Suspension System

Kenda 20″ X 4″ Tires: 

The fat 20-inch by 4-inch Kenda tires are all about comfort. With those 4-inch fat tires, you’ll be cruising through the city and beach areas like a pro, making your adventures super comfy and enjoyable.

Disc Brakes for Safety:

It’s got a Tekro 180mm disc brake that ensures some serious stopping power, which can be a game-changer, especially for seniors and folks with disabilities. 

What’s cool is that they’ve got brakes on each rear wheel, so it’s super balanced, making it easier for anyone to control their brakes smoothly. This means you’ll be out and about with more safety and confidence.

Comfort and Accessibility

The Arisetan M-360’s thoughtful design extends to its comfortable seating and accessibility features. The low saddle height and wide handlebars make getting on and off effortless. This trike allows seniors and individuals with disabilities to enjoy rides without straining their bodies.

SOLETRI M-366X: Full Suspension Electric Trike

Next up, we have the SOLETRI M-366X electric tricycle for 2 adults, another exceptional addition to Addmotor’s electric trike lineup, catering to the needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities with its distinctive features. 

Step-Through Frame: 

Getting on or off this fat tire etrike is a breeze for users of all mobility levels, thanks to its step-thru bike frame. It’s all about easy access, making your rides more comfortable and convenient. Plus, with its three-wheel design, there’s plenty of space for a rear basket behind two riders. This bike can really come in handy for all sorts of journeys. 

Kenda 20" X 4" Tires:

Advanced Suspension System:

The trike’s advanced front and rear suspension system ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, even on uneven terrain offering better traction and stability. This feature is especially beneficial for users seeking a versatile mode of transportation.

Comfort and Convenience

This electric tricycle for 2 adults has an Adjustable U Style Curved Handlebar with a rotatable stem angle, enabling you to discover the perfect riding position tailored to users of all ages and abilities.

With this spacious two-seater banana seat, you will have ample room for both you and your riding companion to enjoy a comfortable journey. Furthermore, the wooden board beneath offers a relaxing spot for your feet, whether you’re riding or stopping at a traffic light. 

Parking brake:

Addmotor’s innovative EB 2.0 Electric Trike features a new EB 2.0 Electric Trike parking brake. This ensures the trike remains stable when parked or at a standstill, activated easily through a hand-operated button, which is crucial, especially for seniors and disabled persons. 

Safety Features:

Equipped with a 25A Controller, multi-functional lighting, fenders, and 180mm disc brake it offers not only a comfortable ride but also precise control. This is particularly crucial for seniors and individuals with disabilities who may need extra assurance while navigating various terrains.

HEROTRI M-365X: Beach Cruiser Trike for 2 Adults

The Addmotor HEROTRI M-365X electric tricycle for 2 adults is a testament to Addmotor’s dedication to providing options for seniors and individuals with disabilities:

User-Friendly Design and Durability

The HEROTRI M-365X is built to last, with a sturdy 6061 Aluminum Alloy step-over frame that can withstand the rigors of daily use. For seniors and people with disabilities, the step-over frame offers effortless mounting and dismounting, ensuring a safer and more convenient riding experience.

Plus, its dual shock design can help you tackle rough terrain effortlessly. This durability, effortless riding, and accessible and user-friendly design ensures a reliable mode of transportation and lets you enjoy improved mobility, independence, and the joy of outdoor activities.

Upgraded Assistance:

This fat tire etrike features an Upgraded 7-level Pedal-Assist system with a Cadence sensor. This is especially beneficial for seniors and individuals with disabilities, as it provides them with enhanced support and makes pedaling easier and more enjoyable, so they can go further with less effort.

Enhanced Comfort:

Enhanced Comfort:

The front and rear suspension, along with 20″ X 4″ Fat tires, make your ride super comfy, so you won’t feel those pesky bumps and potholes as much.

Additionally, its premium cushioned long banana saddle provides a supportive position for both you and your partner and a comfortable ride for longer journeys.

Upgraded Parking Brake:

Addmotor has added a new parking function that makes parking on hills or bumpy terrain a breeze. This upgrade is especially great for seniors and people with disabilities, as it offers added safety and ease when parking in tricky spots.

Maximum Payload Capacity:

It’s designed to carry up to 450 lbs, which means it’s perfect for seniors and individuals with disabilities who may need to transport groceries, medical supplies, or mobility aids. With this one, you can enjoy the freedom of cruising around without worrying about weight limitations.


The Addmotor Electric Trike, exemplified by models like the Arisetan M-360, SOLETRI M-366X, and HEROTRI M-365X, represents a remarkable solution for seniors and individuals with disabilities. 

With their thoughtful design, robust features, and commitment to safety, these electric trike bikes are a perfect choice for those who deserve the very best in mobility and adventure. 

By choosing Addmotor, you’re not just selecting a mode of transportation; you’re choosing a better quality of life.

So, explore your options, consider your needs, and embark on a journey towards a more liberated and fulfilling life with Addmotor electric trike bikes.

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