VIVI Gopina City Commuter Fat Tire Electric Folding Bike

VIVI Gopina City Commuter Fat Tire Electric Folding Bike: An In-Depth Review

In an age where urban mobility is constantly evolving, the VIVI Gopina City Commuter Fat Tire Electric Folding Bike emerges as a beacon of innovation. Designed for the modern city dweller who craves both convenience and adventure, this bike combines the efficiency of electric power with the versatility of a foldable design. With its 16-inch fat tires and robust 350W motor, the VIVI Gopina promises an unparalleled riding experience for daily commutes, leisurely travels, and more.

Product Specifications at a Glance

  • Model Variants: Gopina V1/Gopina V2
  • Frame: Carbon Steel, Step-Over/Step-Thru
  • Motor: 350W High-Speed Brushless Hub Motor
  • Battery: Removable 48V 7.8Ah Lithium Ion
  • Speed: Max 20MPH
  • Mileage: 20-50 miles depending on mode
  • Charging Time: 4-6 hours
  • Weight: 60Ibs
  • Load Capacity: 330Ibs
  • Wheel Size: 16*3.0 inch Anti Puncture Fat Tires

Design and Build

At first glance, the VIVI Gopina exudes a sleek, modern aesthetic. Available in black and white, its carbon steel frame ensures durability while maintaining a manageable weight. The choice between step-over and step-thru frames caters to different rider preferences. The high-strength aluminum fork and double-wall aluminum wheels underscore its commitment to robust construction.



The heart of the VIVI Gopina is its 350W brushless motor, delivering ample power for urban settings. Whether cruising at its top speed of 20MPH or navigating city corners, the bike feels responsive and agile. Its seven-speed gear system provides a satisfying range of options for various terrains and inclines, although it’s best suited for slopes under 20°.

Battery Life and Charging

The 48V 7.8Ah battery is a standout feature, striking a perfect balance between power and efficiency. It offers a commendable range of 25-50 miles, catering well to daily commutes as well as longer rides. The removable design not only adds convenience in charging but also enhances security, allowing riders to charge the battery indoors.

Comfort and Usability

Rider comfort is where the VIVI Gopina truly shines. The large, cushioned seat, combined with high-elastic memory foam and damping springs, assures a comfortable ride even over longer distances. The adjustable seat and handlebar height accommodate a wide range of riders, making it a versatile choice for families or shared use.

Safety and Stability

Safety is paramount in any biking experience, and the VIVI Gopina doesn’t disappoint. The dual disc brakes offer reliable stopping power in various conditions. The front shock absorbers and fat tires provide a stable ride, absorbing shocks from uneven terrain and ensuring a smooth experience.

Portability and Storage

The folding mechanism of the VIVI Gopina is a game-changer for urban commuters. It folds down to a compact size, making it easy to carry onto public transport or store in small apartments. This feature, combined with the bike’s lightweight design, makes it an ideal companion for mixed-mode commuting.

Intelligent Features

The smart LCD is intuitive, offering real-time insights into speed, battery level, and mileage. The addition of an 8-level backlight adjustment is a thoughtful touch, enhancing visibility in different lighting conditions. The four riding modes – electric, pedal-assist, normal bike, and booster mode – allow for a customizable riding experience.

Consumer Experience

Riders of the VIVI Gopina appreciate its all-terrain capabilities, noting its ease of handling on city streets, beaches, and light trails. The small yet powerful build receives praise for its ability to tackle urban landscapes effortlessly. However, some riders note the bike’s limitation on steep or rugged terrain, aligning with the manufacturer’s safety guidelines.

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile terrain handling with fat tires.
  • Efficient folding design for easy storage.
  • Robust motor and long battery life.
  • Comfort-focused features for extended rides.


  • Not suitable for extreme off-road use.
  • Weight may be a consideration for some users.

Final Verdict

The VIVI Gopina City Commuter Fat Tire Electric Folding Bike stands out as a versatile, efficient, and enjoyable mode of transportation for urban commuters and leisure riders alike. Its combination of power, portability, and comfort makes it an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their daily commute or weekend adventures. While it may not cater to extreme off-road enthusiasts, it excels in what it’s designed for a reliable, enjoyable, and versatile urban ride.

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